Join others in a quest for excellence – CQIN members are dedicated to “raising the bar” by working smarter and with more agility through “out-of-the-box” thinking, learning, and sharing with one another.

The Continuous Quality Improvement Network is a higher education membership organization that  affords CEOs of both colleges and universities as well as corporations associated with higher education significant networking and learning opportunities to foster continuous improvement and achievement of performance excellence. Member CEOs receive information on a regular basis in the form of CQIN’s newsletter, Network News, meet with one another twice each year, and have other contact opportunities through formal and informal methods.

Each member organization also appoints a representative to CQIN who is the point of contact for communications, coordination, providing input and receiving information on activities and best practices. The “Reps” also meet twice each year to foster networking and learning.

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Each year, CQIN identifies a group of Learning Partners from across other sectors such as manufacturing, service, or health care organizations. These partners all perform at very high levels and willingly share their successful strategies, methods, processes, and approaches with CQIN member institutions and organizations to provide implementation ready ideas on how to improve. CQIN members learn directly from the partners at both a CEO Forum/Reps Meeting in the spring and at CQIN’s annual Summer Institute at which time member institutions and organizations have the opportunity to bring teams of academic, operations, and administrative people to learn better ways to produce student and business success.
Mission: CQIN leads systemic change in higher education by providing world class learning and premier networking for its members.

Vision: Higher education’s resource for innovation, continuous improvement, and institutional effectiveness.

  • We believe in the learning organization
  • We believe in innovation and continuous improvement
  • We believe in the pursuit and sharing of best practices
  • We believe in responsiveness to the needs of our members
  • We believe active and engaged members maximize CQIN value
Membership in CQIN allows you to:

Access to CQIN’s Learning Partners – Our Corporate Learning Partners help CQIN members access the highest quality theory and best practices from the corporate world which can be applied to higher education and affiliated business operations.

Attend the CQIN Summer Institute – The CQIN Summer Institute is an intensive, objective driven, learning experience which prepares teams with the knowledge and skills to implement new quality and innovation initiatives on campus or across a business.

Join others in a quest for excellence – CQIN members are dedicated to “raising the bar” by working smarter and with more agility through “out-of-the-box” thinking, learning, and sharing with one another.

Create a culture of creativity and innovation – If quality improvement, creativity, and innovation are embedded in how you work or want to work, you will find others with the same objectives. CQIN is the place for you!

The CEO Network is devoted to shared learning, building capacity, building a culture of innovation, and managing quality in higher education.

On July 26, 1991, 16 community colleges joined together to form the Continuous Quality Improvement Network. Over the 21 years that CQIN has been operating as a premier networking and learning organization, numerous people have made extraordinary contributions to our success and the success of their own colleges. In other words, they have handed down a legacy that will be a part of our and their history forever. In view of this fact, the CQIN Executive Committee approved the establishment of the CQIN Legacy Award to honor the individual whose contributions to CQIN and his or her organization have been so significant as to stand out from the others. Each year the committee will determine if the award is warranted and, if so, it will be presented at the Summer Institute.

2012 – Jackie Claunch, first recipient of the CQIN Legacy Award