Eligibility & Dues


Applicant must be a CEO of a community college, four year college or university, college district or system, or business organization affiliated with higher education


In order to qualify for membership, the CEO must be:

  • Leading his or her organization on a continuous improvement path in pursuit of performance excellence
  • Actively engaged in organizational transformation
  • Willing to learn from and share with other CEOs and their organizations
  • Willing to participate in CQIN activities and to appoint a CQIN REP to serve as the organization point of contact (together the member CEO and Rep participate in the CQIN CEO Forum and Rep’s Meeting and bring a team to the CQIN Summer Institute)

Membership Dues Structure  

  • CEO of a higher education institution $2,000
  • CEO of a corporation associated with higher education $5,750
  • CEO of a non-profit organization $2,300

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