Leadership Development Institute

Developing Successful
Higher Education Leaders

Leading a higher education institution or affiliated organization has never been more challenging. Shifting demographics, declining funding, new delivery systems, stricter regulations and oversight, increasing competition, and higher student and public expectations are making it more difficult for colleges and universities to remain fiscally sustainable and academically relevant. Today’s CEOs must have the skills to not only manage their organizations but also lead the cultural and organizational transformation necessary to survive these changing times and thrive in spite of them.

In light of these challenges, CQIN is pleased to introduce the Leadership Development Institute, a unique program designed to develop future leaders who embrace and champion innovation and continuous quality improvement. While other leadership programs focus on the mechanical skills of managing an institution or affiliated organization, the Leadership Development Institute draws on CQIN’s principles to teach future leaders how to build and lead a culture that supports learning for sustainable results. Experienced educational CEO facilitators will coach new and potential leaders on a systematic approach to transformational leadership and ensure they are able to master the more nebulous aspects of a leader’s responsibilities to achieve results that have a lasting impact on the organization and communities it serves.

In the new higher education landscape, successful CEOs will facilitate learning that focuses on building trust, developing talent, creating an evidence-based culture, and managing change to prosper in an increasingly difficult profession. CQIN’s Leadership Development Institute is here to show them the way.

Learning events

CQIN’s Leadership Development Institute offers 5 learning events each year:

  • 1 face-to-face class in conjunction with Summer Institute
  • 4 webinars between Summer Institute and the CEO Forum & Reps’ Meeting

The program will conclude at the CEO Forum & Reps’ Meeting with project presentations, feedback, lessons learned, and a celebration with learners and CEOs.

2017-2018 Schedule

August 3, 2017
Face-to-face class
Topics: Building Trust, Developing Talent, Creating an Evidence-Based Culture, and Managing Change.

September 2017
“Building Trust”

November 2017
“Developing Talent”

January 2018
“Creating an Evidence-Based Culture”

February 2018
“Managing Change”

Who should attend?

This leadership program is aimed at developing new or future leaders at higher education institutions and affiliated organizations that embrace and champion innovation and continuous quality improvement. Participants will gain tangible leadership training around topics that may not be covered in other leadership programs. The program is designed to help participants create networking relationships with and between other leaders in the Continuous Quality Improvement Network.


  • Leadership Development Institute only: $495.00
  • Summer Institute only: $845.00
            » EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (register by 6/30): $795.00

SAVE $100 when you attend BOTH!

  • Leadership Development Institute ($395) + Summer Institute ($845): $1,240.00
         » EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (register by 6/30): $1,190.00


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