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Stay up to date on CQIN’s upcoming events, member news, and other happenings within our network. Click on a link below to read the latest news:

January 2018: New Member, Baldrige Recognition, and More

December 2017: Goodbye CQIN, Hello AFIT

October 2017: CQIN Welcomes 3 New Members

September 2017: Summer Institute Takeaways

June 2017: Palo Alto College’s Pursuit of Excellence 

June 2017: CQIN Executive Committee Welcomes Dr. Leah  Bornstein 

May 2017: CQIN Welcomes New Member Jim Milton of Campus Management

April 2017: Event Registration Now Open!

April 2017: Introducing CQIN’s Leadership Development Institute

February 2017: Maximize Your Time at the Upcoming CEO Forum

February 2017: Maximize Your Time at the Upcoming Reps’ Meeting

January 2017: Message from the President


December 2016: Year-End Wrap Up

November 2016: Cultural Transformation at Edison State Community College

October 2016: Richland Community College’s Quality Journey

September 2016: 7 Strategies To Power Analytics on the Road Ahead

August 2016: Team Takeaways from Summer Institute 2016

July 2016: Creating an Organizational Scorecard for the United States Golf Association: An Interview with Rand Jerris

June 2016: With Humility and Hard Work, Elevations Credit Union Keeps Climbing Higher

May 2016: Overcoming Obstacles to Earn the Governor’s Quality Award: North Arkansas College’s Journey to Excellence

April 2016: 7 Tenets for Governing Big Data

March 2016: 8 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at the CEO Forum

March 2016: 7 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at the Reps Meeting


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