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“Palo Alto College’s Pursuit of Excellence”

Palo Alto College’s quality journey began with a simple desire: to improve instruction and service. With the help of CQIN’s proven framework, the College began a pursuit of excellence that led them to receive the Texas Award for Performance Excellence and undergo a transformational shift that has had a lasting impact on the institution’s culture.

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“Overcoming Obstacles to Earn the Governor’s Quality Award: North Arkansas College’s Journey to Excellence”

When North Arkansas College was faced with accreditation issues and funding challenges, President Elliott leveraged CQIN’s proven framework to begin a journey that would not only transform the institution but earn it the Governor’s Quality Award.

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“Richland Community College’s Quality Journey”

When President Saunders first brought her team to Summer Institute back in 2004, it didn’t just mark the beginning of a proud new tradition, it marked the start of a quality journey that has transformed Richland Community College.

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Edison Community College



“Cultural Transformation at Edison State Community College”

Faced with a challenging culture, President Valdez figured it wouldn’t hurt to give CQIN’s Summer Institute a try. Not only did the Edison team get more than they bargained for, they brought back a new model that inspired a cultural shift and achieved unprecedented results.

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Learning Partner Spotlights



“7 Strategies to Power Analytics on the Road Ahead”

Dr. Mark Milliron, Civitas Learning

In this article, Civitas Learning’s Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Mark Milliron, shares his experience working with student success innovation over the last two decades.

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