2016 Summer Institute Resources

Producing Future Success: Demonstrating Value through ResultsValuePropositions


CQIN Produced Video – The Voices of Our Customers (PPTX)

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#1 – Transformation to Results Different Organization

United States Golf Association – Rand Jerris – “Changing Our Game; Transforming the United States Golf Association into a Results Driven Organization”

#2 – Value and Use of Comparative Data

National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute – John Clayton – “Value & Use of Comparative Data”

Western Technical College – Tracy Dryden – “Data & Evidence Analysis: Putting Data in the Hands of the Faculty” & “Western’s Quality Review Process”

Mid-State Technical College – Brianne Petruzalek & Mandy Lang – “The Times They are A-Changing'”

#3 – Ability to Align & Integrate Performance Results

Elevations Credit Union – Pete Reicks – “Answering the “Why” and Making it Happen”

Elevations Credit Union – Pete Reicks – “No Straight Lines in Culture Change”

#4 – Using Results to Predict the Future

Civitas Learning – Mark Milliron – “The Art and Science of Student Success: Bringing Together the Best of Design Thinking and Data Science to Help Students Learn Well and Finish Strong” 

Civitas Learning – Mark Million – “Conversations on Next-Generation Leadership”

Tulsa Community College – Kevin Dvid & Lindsay White – “Applying the Prosci Change Management Model to Build Organizational Competency” 

Additional Learning Resources from Civitas:

Civitas Learning Community Insight Report: http://info.civitaslearning.com/community-insights-June2016-form
#5 – Creating a Brand Based on Results Driven Value

Intermark Group – Jake McKenzie – “Why choose you? The Psychology of Being Unique”

Intermark Group – Jake McKenzie – “Creating a Brand based on Results Driven Value”


CQIN Produced Video – “The Student Voice: Student Reactions to the 2016 CQIN Summer Institute”